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What is faster or better? process a json on the server (php) to generate html or return the json to jquery function and generate the html in the client?

I return a big json from external function. I call this function with curl library.

With jquery ajax method i call a php file with curl function. The curl call a script in a external server and return a json.

With this json i´m going to build a html.

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It depends on what you are optimizing for. Server Load? Bandwidth conservation? Memory Usage on the server? I suggest you implement it the way that seems logical and optimize AFTER you detect a problem. –  JohnFx Dec 4 '12 at 15:16
surely is the server side script faster than the client side –  rsz Dec 4 '12 at 15:16

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It all depends how complex the HTML is and whether you want to place load on the server or client.

My general rule of thumb is, if you're just appending/amending ~10 elements, use jQuery to interat with the DOM directly. If it's more than that, return the HTML in the JSON and append it as a string.

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You should return the JSON to the client-side and build the HTML there. There are 2 big reasons for this:

  1. If you build out the HTML server side, you will have a larger return from the server and thus it will take longer for clients to receive the response.

  2. HTML creation is more of a client side functionality, so for design reasons it makes sense to keep all the HTML manipulation there.

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Depending on the scale of your website/webapp I would recommend pushing off as much as rendering you can to the client-side.

Doing this will free up your server to handle more requests and users typically expect there to be some initial load time.

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