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I am trying design a function that takes the Application.Caller.Column value and uses it to look up a range on a different sheet.

The function is being designed to take a value from a drop down box. That value will determine the row of the array and I used a Case statement to do that. The problem I am have in that I want the function to return Column B values from the other sheet if the Function is in Column B, so on and so forth.

I keep getting #Value return when I am using it and the smart tag is telling me "A value in the formula is of the wrong data type". Any help is Much appreciated!


 Function NetPay(Scenario As Range)

 Dim CC As String
 CC = Application.Caller.Column
 Select Case Scenario

    Case 1: NetPay = Sheets("Scenarios").Cells(4, CC)
    Case 2: NetPay = Sheets("Scenarios").Cells(7, CC)
    Case 3: NetPay = Sheets("Scenarios").Cells(10, CC)
    Case 4: NetPay = Sheets("Scenarios").Cells(13, CC)
    Case 5: NetPay = Sheets("Scenarios").Cells(16, CC)
    Case 6: NetPay = Sheets("Scenarios").Cells(19, CC)
    Case 7: NetPay = Sheets("Scenarios").Cells(22, CC)

End Select

End Function
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you have CC defined as a String.

Change the definition to a Long.

Also, your Select Case is taking a range, when you should be looking at the .value

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Perfect. Thanks. – user1854167 Dec 4 '12 at 17:12

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