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I've a script which start an amazon RDS from a previous snapshot. Now i've to implement this functionality with the Java API.

The script I run is :

rds-restore-db-instance-from-db-snapshot $RDS_DEV --db-snapshot-identifier $SNAP --db-subnet-group-name $SUBNET_GROUP --region $REGION
echo sleep $TIME

So, after that i sleep a certain time then assign the right security group and parameter group:

rds-modify-db-instance $RDS_DEV --db-security-groups $SEC_GROUP --db-parameter-group-name $PARAM_GROUP --apply-immediately --region $REGION

then i reboot the instance.

In my API implementation, i've crated this method to restore an RDS from a snapshot:

    public void restoreDBSnapshot(String rdsDev, String snapshotId,
        String subnetGroup, String availabilityZone) {
        RestoreDBInstanceFromDBSnapshotRequest restoreDBInstanceRequest = new RestoreDBInstanceFromDBSnapshotRequest();
         LOG.info("Restoring RDS from backup snapshot");

but i don't want to sleep my application waiting for the RDS startup and then modify the securityGroup and the parameterGroupName with a


Is there a solution to do it in creation phase?

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