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As since earlier this year the application AppFresh for the Mac has become a commercial product I was thinking of making a small Python script to check for versions of applications.

Basically what the script does is pretty simple: - List all ".app" extended folders (applications) inside the /Applications/ folder (add whole hard disk-search later) - Fetch each application Info.plist (#APPNAME#.app/Contents/Info.plist) - Check and store the "CFBundleShortVersionString" as main version - Check and store the "CFBundleVersion" as subversion (mainly for checking in depth details later) - Fetch a known location where to check the latest version of the app (with urllib2) and strip the latest version from the page

In a simple case I checked the game "4 Elements" that's on the Mac App Store. It's UK URL is here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/4-elements-full/id417229954?mt=12

So it says (on this post date; 04-12-2012) that it's version is 1.0.3. Now the problem is that it's local version is 1.0.4..

Am I checking the wrong variable or does the Mac App Store has rule-sets to only update when the developer sets a certain other property to tell the Mac App Store to deliver "this" version as an update.

Eventually I want to achieve a simple script that can mirror versions like AppFresh did, but then just simple with a text-db along with it to maybe sync live data from a server db I'll host, that contains the;

  • Name of the App
  • Version
  • Subversion
  • Online path
  • Common local path
  • Custom script local
  • Custom script external

The "custom script local/external" fields will eventually contain regex code to fetch either the local and external versions/subversions of the application.

For Twitter.app this is the basic result and has no problems:

Offline: {'subversion': '2.1.1', 'path': '/Applications/Twitter.app', 'version': '2.1.1'}
Online: 2.1.1
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