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I've implemented the GA in my code as it's shown in https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ios/devguide.

I start the GA tracker with: [[GANTracker sharedTracker] startTrackerWithAccountID:gaAccountId dispatchPeriod:kDispatchPeriodSeconds delegate:self];

The GA Profile is specified for Mobile Apps and I'm using Google Analytics SDK for iOS v1 (Legacy)

The problem is that real time feature doesn't work. It's always says that there is 0 visitors. Do you have any suggestions what could be the problem.

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You have to add trackPageView to the views you wish to track.

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Thank you! I was struggling with that since couple of days. Thanks for the fast response! –  vhristoskov Dec 4 '12 at 16:35
Can you expand on this solution a little bit. What do you mean add it to the view? –  Jason Pawlak Feb 2 '13 at 15:41
#import "GAITrackedViewController.h" and subclass the viewcontroller to GAITrackedViewController. In the viewcontroller add self.trackedViewName = @"This gets tracked", I usually add it to viewDidAppear –  user1242292 Feb 8 '13 at 11:46

In the current (2.0) sdk you should use sendView instead of trackPageView: [[[GAI sharedInstance] defaultTracker] sendView:@"my_view"];

Or you could use the already mentioned GAITrackedViewController.

But I noticed that the Realtime feature just doesn't always work, I sometimes experienced that completely deleting an account and/or creating a new one sometimes resolves this issue. Also it can just be busy on the server side, so it might just be working already but delayed.

Sometimes I test with a working account to find out wether the error is on me or not.

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Follow this steps you will get the real time result

  1. in Appdelegate write setdespatchinterval

[GAI sharedInstance].dispatchInterval = 20;

2.add track pageview like this.

Extend your view controller from GAITrackedViewController

'@interface ActivityViewController : GAITrackedViewController          @end'

implement the viewdidload method of your viewcontroller


 self.screenName = @"Home Screen";


for how google analytics works you can visit this link


Hope this will help someone.

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