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I am very confused. I had the 1.6 library and then upgraded to 1.7.

Now I see the following:

Windows Azure SDK for Windows 8 and .NET 4(

Is this the latest library and is it just for Windows 8? I'm sorry but it's not very clear. When I try to download that it takes me to a web page with a link to download and no application. When I try for help it points me to stackoverflow.

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The best way to ensure you install the latest is to use the web platform installer. – Yossi Dahan Dec 4 '12 at 16:24

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Windows Azure SDK for Windows 8 and .NET 4 (

is probably

October 2012 Release (Version 1.8)

which is the latest release as of now (2012-12-04).

The version scheme changed a bit (e.g. storage client dll is now 2.0 because of breaking changes) while other parts remain unchanged/compatible (1.7/1.8) (see Windows Azure SDK and Tools).

The azure SDKs/client libraries should not depend on Windows 8.

You can find all downloads at

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