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Can this code be written in a one-line format?

if ($('#sIsTopNav').text().trim() === 'True') {
}else {

TIA ..

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Why would you want to do this? Don't fix what's not broken, also one liners don't always read well. –  CR41G14 Dec 4 '12 at 15:58

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You can do:

$('#chkIsTopNav').prop('checked', $('#sIsTopNav').text().trim() === 'True')


  • Removing the checked attribute has the same effect as setting it to false.
  • Using .prop() is the current recommended way for setting properties like checked, disabled etc.
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Try using conditional (ternary) operator,

$('#sIsTopNav').text().trim() === 'True' ? $('#chkIsTopNav').attr('checked','checked') :  $('#chkIsTopNav').removeAttr('checked');
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