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I commit a subversion project to assembla with this folder structure.


But I made a mistake, folder1 should be in folder2. So I did that in my local copy and did a SVN commit. So, now I have folder1 is both the 'base folder' and inside folder2.


So, I started reading on how to remove files/folders in SVN and it seems complicated or just scary (what if something goes wrong). I figured I can use a new repo. I can delete the old one since the latest copy, the one I want, is on my local machine. However, here is the issue, when I right-click on the folder, SVN commit automatically points to the existing repo.

How do I change it to point to a new repo. I'm afraid that if I delete the server repo and use the same name, it will complain about mismatch revision/HEAD or something.


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The only scaring part is removing directories from the repository completely, as if they never existed, but it does not seem that this is what you want or need; thus Lazy Badger's answer is probably what you should go for. – mthomas Dec 20 '12 at 12:20

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If what you want to do is use a new repository, and if you have created that new repo, then you can use the Relocate option of TortoiseSVN.

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So, I started reading on how to remove files/folders in SVN and it seems complicated or just scary

Well, really it's easy - remove in Working Copy and commit or svm rm URL/TO/FIOLDER/ in order to delete directly in repository

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Just delete the folder and commit the deletions via TortoiseSVN. That's what i'm doing.

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