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We are looking for QA tool that allow us to test functionality in our web applications. At this moment we QA all our work/enhancements/defects by hand, but we have so many webapps that is difficult to QA the entire site for a few changes.

We want to have a list of Test Cases that we will run every time we will push a change to development to at least build a confidence level before the push.

I am sure that this is an issue that is normal among us, the web development community.

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Even if you automate much QA, getting screenshots from real QA people will help in the process. Usersnap adds a feedback button to your web dev project enabling your testers to send screen shots directly to the devs and save communication overhead. – Gregor Jul 12 '13 at 18:35
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Selenium is wonderful for functional testing. You can generate tests that automatically run in all the major browsers using SeleniumIDE (a Firefox plugin that records interactions with web pages). Then you can export the tests to source code in a number of popular programming languages (e.g. Java, PHP, etc.)

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There are many tools out there to help you testing, I would suggest starting with Selenium for writing automated tests, in language of your preference. It is easy to use, supports wide variety of languages.

Once you have written your tests you could use Jenkins or Hudson which will allow you to run your tests with every update, or you could run them manually or at specific scheduled times.

Jenkins and Selenium are doing a great job for us at Wildbit in regression testing, and spotting any issues. Plus, I forgot to mention both tools, although very powerful, they are free.

After you have written automated tests, you might want to consider also doing performance tests with tools like browsermob.

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You'll probably want to check out Telerik's offerings in this area. I have implemented my ASP.NET site using a combination of DLL's (Business Logic, Data Access Layer, and NUnit testing dlls) to make the testing of all non-UI areas easy. But the NUnit extensions for UI testing (I forget the name of the project right now as I didn't adopt it) fell by the wayside due to lack of work on the tool.

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Just to add to Mark's suggestion, Telerik makes two products available for testing your websites: 1) the free WebAii Testing Framework (write tests in C# by hand), and 2) WebUI Test Studio (create tests visually in VS). Both sets of tests use the same core, both run cross-browser, and both can be included in standard NUnit or MS Test Unit Test projects. Hope that helps. -Todd – Todd Sep 8 '09 at 20:17

We've had good experiences with:

IEUnit - free and open source

HttpUnit - Free and open source

Regression Tester Cheap - $100

Silk - Not cheap! But good.

My favorite was IEUnit. Very intuitive and works like other unit test frameworks.

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I suggest looking at the robot framework which has a selenium plugin. Also consider setting up a continuous integration server such as hudson. With the ci server you can have tests kick off automatically every time a change is pushed to a particular repository.

The advantage to using the robot framework with the selenium plugin is that you can get some really nice reports along with some tools for maniuplating the reports. If you need more than what selenium has to offer you can use either python or jython (and thus java) to extend your robot framework tests (for example, fetch data from one of your services and validate it via python or java scripts)

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  • WatiR
  • WatiN
  • WebAii

google it. Really. There is even more tools for web than desktop.

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Here's one list:

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I want to share one I believe new tool.

This is a web based IDE for development of web tests. Use jQuery and javasscript. It seems like it is new, but I played with it for a while and it looks great!

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