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I'm attempting to test a Store Kit transaction with the iPhone 3.0 SDK. I am basing my code off the sample code in the Store Kit Programming Guide, but I keep getting failed transactions (status: SKPaymentTransactionStateFailed). However, the transaction's error property is nil, so that doesn't shed any light on the situation.

When I attempt to purchase the product, I am able to log-in with a test account and accept the purchase, but then I get a dialog box that says:

"You've already purchased this but it hasn't been downloaded. Tap OK to download it now."

When I tap "OK" nothing happens. My transactionObserver doesn't get any more messages sent to it.

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I had the exact same issue with consumable items. It turns out the above answer was correct. My teammate accidentally deleted my test account. Everything works fine after I created a new one.

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I had similar issue and creating a new test account fixed it. Thanks – Ali Nadalizadeh Mar 7 '11 at 13:30

As it turns out, my test account had been deleted from iTunes Connect (even though it was letting me log in). I created a new test account and it started to work. I believe the "Tap OK to download it now" message was actually an attempt to re-initiate the transaction, which would then fail again.

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StoreKit error reporting is a complete cluster. please submit a bug report to: and maybe it will get better. – Carl Coryell-Martin Nov 21 '09 at 2:20

I had this exact problem, turns out I was using an invalid test account (The test account was bound to a different apple developer account from the one the application was linked to). Checked test account credentials and everything was hunky dory.

@wdlindmeier: I see you also had the same solution: I'd suggest that you accept this answer or your own in case that helps anybody. :)

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I’ve met the same issue in sandbox environment and found it may related to SKPaymentTransactionObserver.

When I firstly implement this, I did alloc SKPaymentTransactionObserver and added it only when I started doing purchase. Also I removed SKPaymentTransactionObserver as soon as the transaction is succeed or failed. I found the transaction is always unfinished in this case, even I finished the transaction before removing SKPaymentTransactionObserver.

So my solution is, alloc a SKPaymentTransactionObserver when app started, then do NOT remove it until the app terminated. The “unfinished” transaction still to be finished correctly then.

Hope this is working for you.

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I kept getting this too. It turns out you can't test in app purchases in the simulator!

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