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I am using MATLAB and call some Java inside. Basically after I created an Java Object, I wanted to convert it into a Byte Array which I can store as MATLAB array in my DB. After loading the array I want to transform it back to Java to be used as Java Object again. Here is the code, which is simpler in MATLAB:

The class of myJavaObject is: weka.classifiers.functions.SMOreg

baos = java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream;

oos = java.io.ObjectOutputStream(baos);


% Now I can store it into the DB and load it from there. It should be rebuild to Java:

myJavaObject = baos.toByteArray;

bais = java.io.ByteArrayInputStream(myJavaObject);

ois = java.io.ObjectInputStream(bais);


All is fine until I I call ois.readObject. Now I get an ClassNotFoundException exception. I've read many discusssion about problems that the object must have the same class like here: readobject method throws ClassNotFoundException

I am very happy about any ideas and help! Thanks!!!


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