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I have an old TCL app that has a menu that isn't displaying all the entries.

How can I create a multi-column menu or a scrolling menu so all menu entries can be seen?

This is TCL v8.0

This is for a gui.

The code fragment I'm looking at is:

# Setup the folder Menu
menubutton $w.folder -text Folder -menu $w.folder.menu
menu $w.folder.menu -tearoff 0
$w.folder.menu add command -label "New"      -command createNewFolder -state disabled
$w.folder.menu add command -label "Open"     -command openFolder 
$w.folder.menu add command -label "Delete"   -command deleteFolder -state disabled
$w.folder.menu add command -label "Printer Setup" -command selectPrinter -state  disabled
$w.folder.menu add command -label "Quit"     -command xqmQuit 
$w.folder.menu add separator
foreach queue $privateGlobals(folderList) {
   $w.folder.menu add command -label "$queue" -command [list openFolder "$queue"]

What is happening is that in the foreach loop there are a lot of entries that get created but I can only see about 46 out of 60 or 80.

I haven't done TCL in a long time but I didn't see any obvious options in the menu widget to do what I wanted.

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Is it a GUI menu or text menu? It helps if you would post relevant section of your code. Also, what have you tried? –  Hai Vu Dec 4 '12 at 16:36
If it's a really large set of options to choose between, consider using a different UI technique. Menus don't scale up well to many hundreds of items, which is really a limitation of how people are more (and what size displays are) than anything else. –  Donal Fellows Dec 5 '12 at 0:15

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You can use -columnbreak value option.

set i 0
foreach queue $privateGlobals(folderList) {
   $w.folder.menu add command -label "$queue" -command [list openFolder "$queue"] -columnbreak [expr $i % 10 == 0]
   incr i
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I totally misread the man page regarding columnbreak. Thanks mucho. –  gizmo mathboy Dec 5 '12 at 14:00

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