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I have the following simplified DB model:

enter image description here

There are plans with jobs. Jobs contain the objectids of locations, but they are not explicitly associated with the table Location.

I have an ON DELETE trigger for the table Location. I want the trigger to reset the objectid's of the jobs to -1.

update dbo.Job 
set objectid = -1, lat = -1, lng = -1, location = null 
   (dbo.[Plan] as p 
    inner join dbo.Job as j on (p.planid = j.planid 
                                and p.userid in (select user_id from deleted)))
    inner join deleted as d on j.objectid = d.objectid

My problem:

This trigger resets all matching objectids, even if the job belongs to a different aspnet_Users. How can I achieve that only jobs of the corresponding aspnet_User are affected by the trigger?

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I think you need to use both the objectid and userid columns with joins and not with IN operator.

Also, I don't see why aspnet_Users should be added:

        objectid = -1, lat = -1, lng = -1, location = null 
        dbo.Job as j 
        dbo.Plan as p   on  p.planid = j.planid
        deleted as d    on  d.objectid = j.objectid
                        and d.user_id = p.userid ;
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Objectid is not the primary key, so different users will have different locations with the same objectid - objectids are unique only for the same user. The problem with my trigger was, that locations from different users where affected. –  curiosity Dec 4 '12 at 17:52

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