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I'm working with a large OLAP Cube, and I'm building very rudimentary search functionality to help me parse through the amount of data (~30 fact tables, 30 dimensions, plus calculated measures), but I've come across an interesting issue. When I access a CubeField.Name property for a fact table member or a calculated measure, it comes through as [Measures].[FieldName] instead of pointing me to the correct Fact table / calculated measure folder.
Here's the code I'm using:

Sub X()

    Dim pvtTable As PivotTable
    Dim oCubeField As CubeField

    Set pvtTable = ActiveSheet.PivotTables(1)
    For Each oCubeField In pvtTable.CubeFields
        If InStr(LCase(oCubeField.Name), "spread") > 0 Then
            Debug.Print oCubeField.Parent & ": " & oCubeField.Name
        End If


End Sub

Any ideas on how I can actually reach the fact table name? Or the calculated measure's folder structure? Thanks!

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Try oCubeField.Value perhaps. The reference for the CubeField object says:

Name Returns a String value that represents the name of the object.

Value Returns a String value that represents the name of the specified field.

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Yeah, tried that as well - no luck. In this cube it produces identical results. –  Kevin Pope Dec 5 '12 at 4:26

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