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I used the following code:

How to know when a HID USB/Bluetooth device is connected in Cocoa?

and added it to my jni library. Notification methods never gets called.

Then I tested the code in a small app (without in java / mostly C code). I works all good.

My guess is that Java is preventing the notification to take place.

Any ideas on what I can do ?

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I believe this is because no run loop is being run in the Java/JNI environment.

Take a look at how javahidapi is implemented, specifically how it creates a separate thread to run hid_runloop_thread(), which then calls CFRunLoopRunInMode() until it returns a finished/cancelled status.

Note that run loops are thread-specific, so you need to do your CFRunLoopAddSource () and IOServiceAddMatchingNotification() calls from the same thread before calling CFRunLoopRunInMode().

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