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I am trying to add bootstrap.js to my require config. Every ~20th refresh or so, I get a Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function error on line 23, which is my doc ready: $(function () {

I read this fix, which lead me to set the require.config below.

  paths: {
    jquery: 'libs/jquery/jquery-min',
    underscore: 'libs/underscore/underscore-min',
    backbone: 'libs/backbone/backbone-min',
    templates: '../templates',
    bootstrap: 'libs/bootstrap/bootstrap'
  shim: {
      backbone: {
          deps: ['underscore', 'jquery'],
          exports: 'Backbone'
      underscore: {
          exports: '_'
      bootstrap: {
          deps: ['jquery'],
          exports: "$.fn.popover"
      enforceDefine: true


], function(Ripple){


// Filename: ripple.js
  'router', // Request router.js
], function ($, _, Backbone, Router, Bootstrap) {
    var initialize = function () {
        // Pass in our Router module and call it's initialize function

    return {
        initialize: initialize

I'm assuming this is a race condition that bootstrap is occasionally losing. Any ideas?

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