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I am creating a cross platform script in Java that will start Flash and execute some JSFL scripts.

I found this article Executing JSFL from the Command Line on OS X

Works from command line

osascript -e 'tell application "Flash" to open posix file "/var/...tmp/sample.jsfl"'

Does not work from Java, like this:

String flashExe = "Flash";
String jsflFile = "/var/...tmp/sample.jsfl";

MessageFormat osascriptFormat = new MessageFormat("''tell application \"{0}\" to open posix file \"{1}\"''");
String osascript = osascriptFormat.format(new Object[]{flashExe, jsflFile});
String[] commands = new String[]{"osascript", "-e", osascript};

ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder(commands);

Question is: How to start Flash from Java on Mac OS X?

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Easy... according to this article [HOW TO] Launch Application from Terminal?

String jsflPath = "/var/...tmp/sample.jsfl";    
File jsflFile = new File(jsflPath);
String[] commands = new String[]{"open", jsflFile.getAbsolutePath() };

ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder(commands);


String[] commands = new String[]{"open", "-a", "Adobe Flash CS5", jsflFile.getAbsolutePath()};
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