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Short of it - I need to get a console_script to return to me its current run path, so that I can override modules it is using at run time.

Here is my basic setup (summarized as best I could):


      dir_of_modules_to_use/ contents:
        entry_points = {
          'console_scripts': [
            'console-script-module = console_script_module.main:main'

Longer detail: So calls console-script-module by issuing a subprocess call. In turn the modules seen in dir_of_modules_to_use are run. I would like to provide my own version of those modules by overriding them right before this happens through a separate script. In order to do this I need to know the run path of where console-script-module has been installed as it is not consistent (changes in virtualenv's for example).

I tried adding this in to and using a separate command line argument to call it:

    def print_absoulute_dir():    
      print os.path.abspath('dir_of_modules_to_use')

Unfortunately this only returns the path of wherever I make the call to the console script.

DISCLAIMER - this is hacky and awful I know, it's from code I inherited and I just need something working in the short term. I unfortunately cannot change the code within at this time, otherwise I would just change how it is calling

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I'm not sure if i really understand what you want, but every python module has the __file__ attribute, which contains its location in the filesystem, and you can use sys.path to modify python module search path

import urllib
import sys

print urllib.__file__
print sys.path
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Perhaps I'm confused about how console_script works / what the resulting directory structure is. I thought install just copies files to a known location and then aliases the console script call? So I figured it should be possible to programmatically find where it has been installed. I tried both of what you mentioned urllib.__file__ returned "/usr/lib/python2.7/urllib.pyc" and the only reference to sys.path about console_script_module was its egg file. – rikityplikity Dec 4 '12 at 20:40
"Perhaps I'm confused about how console_script works" It seems this is very much the case :-) From the sys.path call where it returns the egg file, contained in there is the directory from which my console script is running from. It's not pretty but what I can do is call sys.path, search in the list returned for console_script_module and from there find dir_of_modules_to_use – rikityplikity Dec 4 '12 at 20:54

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