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I want to set up a demo forum where users can try every function (including admin functions). Because user can easily "destroy" the demo forum with admin rights, I have to restore the database and all files every 24hours. My file structure looks like this:

        /..further directions

Absolute path to "demo": /www/htdocs/XXXXX/demo/

I tried a script like this (restore.phpx):

// delete all files in /demo
exec('rm  /www/htdocs/XXXXX/demo/');
// copy all files from the backup direction
exec('cp -r /www/htdocs/XXXXX/demo/backup/ .');
// restore database
exec('mysql -u USER -p PASSWORD DATABASE < /www/htdocs/XXXXX/demo/backup/sqlBackup.sql');
// chmod 
exec('chmod -R 0777 /www/htdocs/XXXXX/demo/');

But nothing happens (no restore). Any idea what could be wrong?

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1.- To delete all files in demo the command is rm -r /www/htdocs/XXXXX/demo/

2.- You are trying to copy from a directory that you have previously deleted

I would do backups using a third party tool that you most like to have backups more controlled and restoring using a cron.daily script.

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