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I'm facing a problem with refreshing datatable [ primefaces module ] on many pc's. I've been using example from official website:

code for table begins like this:

<p:dataTable id="table" var="things" value="#{tableBean.beans}" paginator="true" rows="10" selectionMode="single" ....  > 

and for the button:

 <p:commandButton value="Ajax Submit" update="table" id="ajax" actionListener="#{tableBean.savePerson}" ajax="true">

socket code:

<p:socket onMessage="handleMessage" channel="/updater" />

code for "listener":

PushContext pushContext = PushContextFactory.getDefault().getPushContext();
pushContext.push("/updater", forBeingUpdated);

the code above isn't full, just the snippet. What I would like to get is something like here: so, as You can see hitting the counter button make it increment on many machines. In my case I want to add rows to the table [ and this thing is done ] I can't make it working to refresh dynamically on many machines, if I add couple of records on one [pc] I have to hit refresh on another to see them. I've tried the trick from this site: but it didn't work at all. Any ideas are welcomed :). Thanks in advance.

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Primefaces 4 has improved this PrimePush feature.

If you just want to update components from Push Event, try to use this snippet(taken and adapted from Primefaces 4 User Guide)

In case you’d like to update components and/or invoke listeners in your backing bean on broadcast, you can use the optional message ajax behavior to implement the same functionality but with an extra request.

And the code snippet would look something like this:

<p:socket channel="/updater">
    <p:ajax event="message" listener="#{tableBean.refreshTable}" update="form:table"  />

Hope this helps!

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