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I have a little script reading out a JSON feed and writing it down in HTML. Now I want my scirpt to only show 5 elements and load the next 5 elements with an forward button or to show the last 5 with a backward button Is there any possility to do that? Just give me a few pointers, where I could start my research for building a function like that.

My code till now, just to show you guys :

<script type="text/javascript">
$.each(data.posts, function(i,data)
var div_data =
"<div ><a href='"+data.url+"'>"+data.title+"</a></div>";
return false;

<div id="test"></div>
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Store the data, bind an event to a "next" button, load the next ones when the button is clicked. – TheZ Dec 4 '12 at 19:28
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Sounds like you're trying to implement pagination. Generally this is best done on the server side. In your case this would be json_data2.php. You could have json_data2.php read 2 query strings called for example startPosition and amount. So startPosition can offset the list of items based on the number passed. Then amount would tell the json_data2.php how many items to return. Then each time next or previous is clicked the startPosition would be incremented or decremented.


json_data2.php?startPosition=0&amount=5 would return the first 5 results


json_data2.php?startPositon=5&amount=5 would return the next 5 results.

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