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I'm using jQuery fullCalendar. A client wants to see only their bussiness opening hours in the calendar. Is that possible? How?

Example: a bussiness opens from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 10pm

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The minTime and maxTime options will let you set the first and last hour. I don't think you can have a calendar with a break in the middel though.

Maybe you could create a recurring event called lunch and color it differently to your actual events

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there has been an update on fullcalendar that allows you to apply business hours

however, i don't think it ll allow you to impement a break within the day.. over here

Apply different timeslots and ranges for each day on Fullcalendar

you ll find my approach on a similar issue that i used Javascript to prevent selection of specific period and also with css i highlighted the areas that i didn't want to be able to be selected..

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