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Is it possible to add a custom tooltip on a CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton in a CMFCToolbar ?

I can now use the "default" tooltip text as defined in the resource file, but I cannot find the way to be able to dynamically change the tooltip text on the combobox in the toolbar.

Resources :

  BUTTON      ID_BUTTON32771
  BUTTON      ID_BUTTON32772
  BUTTON      ID_BUTTON32773

  ID_BUTTON32771 "Button 1\nButton 1"
  ID_BUTTON32772 "Button 2\nButton 2"
  ID_BUTTON32773 "Button 3\nButton 3"

Toolbar is created normally and is showing up nicely; I "replace" the button with a CMFCToolBarComboBoxButtoncsCombo in OnToolbarReset (handler of AFX_WM_RESETTOOLBAR )

LRESULT CMainFrame::OnToolbarReset(WPARAM wp,LPARAM)
  UINT uiToolBarId = (UINT) wp;
  if (uiToolBarId == IDR_TOOLBAR1 )
    CMFCToolBarComboBoxButtoncsCombo(ID_BUTTON32772, GetCmdMgr()->GetCmdImage(ID_BUTTON32772, FALSE), CBS_DROPDOWNLIST);

    m_MyToolbar.ReplaceButton(ID_BUTTON32772, csCombo);
    m_MyToolbar.AddItem( _T("un") );
    m_MyToolbar.AddItem( _T("deux") );
    m_MyToolbar.AddItem( _T("trois") );


  return 0;

This work fine, the button is replaced with the combobox and the default tooltip text is displayed.

Now, I want to be able to have the tooltip text changed dynamically.

I tried to handler TTN_NEEDTEXT (and TTN_NEEDTEXTA and TTN_NEEDTEXTW) in the main frame (and even in my derived toolbar class), but it is not called for the toolbars.

I tried deriving my own CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton class and override the 2 virtual methods I could find that should be doing what I expected :

class MyComboBox : public CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton
  MyComboBox ();
  MyComboBox (UINT uiID, int iImage, DWORD dwStyle = CBS_DROPDOWNLIST, int iWidth = 0);

  virtual BOOL OnGetCustomToolTipText(CString& );
  virtual BOOL OnUpdateToolTip(CWnd* , int , CToolTipCtrl& , CString& );

  virtual ~MyComboBox ();



IMPLEMENT_SERIAL(MyComboBox , CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton,0)

MyComboBox ::MyComboBox (UINT uiID, int iImage, DWORD dwStyle , int iWidth  ) : CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton(uiID, iImage,dwStyle, iWidth )


MyComboBox ::MyComboBox ()


MyComboBox ::~MyComboBox ()

BOOL MyComboBox ::OnGetCustomToolTipText(CString& strToolTip) 
    strToolTip = "bonjour";
    return TRUE;

BOOL MyComboBox ::OnUpdateToolTip(CWnd* /*pWndParent*/, int /*iButtonIndex*/, CToolTipCtrl& /*wndToolTip*/, CString& str) 
  str = "allo";
  return TRUE; 

The 2 virtual methods are never called; well, they are called when opening the application and when closing the application; but never when the application is running normally when the user move/hover the mouse on top of the combobox in the toolbar.

I tried looking into the tooltip manager (CTooltipManager) and enable or not the tooltip manager by calling or not InitTooltipManager.

( I quickly tried this with VS2012 and I get the same "not-working" results).

Are there some steps I am missing to be able to do that ?



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I have also faced the same problem about how to dynamic change CMFCToolBarButton tooltips. And it's not solved yet now. If you don't use CMFCToolBar and CMFCToolBarButton, I think this a solution: http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/controls/controls/tooltipcontrols/article.php/c2171‌​/Change-tooltips-at-runtime.htm –  alexzhang May 8 '13 at 16:43

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