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Hi I have a problem I have the code for this button, that is suposed to show a .pptx it the code works in chrome but it doesn't in IE8, it makes me try to download a zip... help please!

<button onclick="location.href=('EDTUserManual.pptx');" onmouseover="document.body.style.cursor='hand';" onmouseout="document.body.style.cursor='default';" style="background:url(images/midpattern.gif); background:repeat; border:#036"><font color="#FFFFFF" size="1"><strong>User Manual</strong></font></button>
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Well I have fixed it by changing pptx to ppt thanks anyway! –  Monk LikeaSir Dec 4 '12 at 19:53
There are probably other ways around the problem. Check the last paragraph on this page: pptfaq.com/… (in later MSIE versions, the option may be called "MIME sniffing" instead of what's shown on this page. –  Steve Rindsberg Dec 4 '12 at 21:20

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Try adding a value to your button. Like this:

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