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I have been trying to test the chaining of Webrick proxies, and I am having some trouble.

Each proxy works fine on its own from (when :ProxyURI is commented out for proxy_2), but I am getting the error:

ERROR unsupported method `GET'. 

from proxy_2 output (httpproxy.rb) when I try chaining them.

To clarify, when I chain them I am using as my access point from another application.

Looking at the logs for proxy_1, it appears that it is not receiving any requests.

Any help would be much appreciated.

require 'webrick'
require 'webrick/httpproxy'

port_1 = 8085
port_2 = 8086

proxy_1 =
    :Port          => port_1,
    :ServerType    => Thread,
    :Logger        =>"./logs/#{port_1}.out"),
    :ServerName => "future_authentication_proxy"

proxy_2 =
    :Port          => port_2,
    :ProxyURI => ''+port_1.to_s
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I think you'll have better luck running them as separate processes. – pguardiario Dec 5 '12 at 1:56
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You passed wrong ProxyURI option, it should be something like:

:ProxyURI => URI.parse("http://#{host_1_ip}:#{port_1}/")
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