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I am developing a social networking website using Yii. While frequently using the following things I am having great data manageability issue. - User ID - Current user ID (the user which profile is the owner viewing) - Is owner???

where can I define these things. I would something like

//do something
// and similarly
if($this->isMyFreind(<Current user ID>){
// $this(CanIView()){


I want these functions to be public for any page? But how? In other words Where can I put my library which contains my own favorite functions like text shortening, image cropping, date time format etc etc??

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So my answer was deleted by a moderator although it was accepted with 2 upvotes. No reason was given. Time to leave this site. – adamors Dec 7 '12 at 20:04
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According to the MVC model, things like image cropping or date time formats would go in models. You would simply create models for that.

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In Yii, you can do achieve this by making a class (under protected/compoents) which inherits


class. And then you call any property of this class globally as a component.

class GlobalDef extends CApplicationComponent {
 public $aglobalvar;

Define this class in main config under components as:

'globaldef' => array('class' => 'application.components.GlobalDef '),

And you can call like this:

echo Yii::app()->globaldef->aglobalvar;

Hope that can help.

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I usually use a globals.php file with all my common functions In the index.php (yip the one in the root):


I can then call my global functions anywhere. For example, I shorten certain Yii functions like:

function bu($url=null){
    static $baseUrl;
    if ($baseUrl===null)
    return $url===null ? $baseUrl : $baseUrl.'/'.ltrim($url,'/');

So I can then call the Yii::app()->request->baseUrl by simply calling bu()

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I think this is not the "Yii way" to store global data – Gunah Gaar Dec 12 '12 at 17:42
yeah, true..... – eskimo Dec 12 '12 at 18:10

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