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Something changed or is it a bug?

Today when i click ctrl+f, find something and press escape the panel is still open. Pressing escape do nothing.

In default bind i have:

{ "keys": ["escape"], "command": "hide_panel", "args": {"cancel": true},
        { "key": "panel_visible", "operator": "equal", "operand": true }

Edit: wow, better. I just discovered escape button doesn't work in sublime text in every case, every menu and places.

Edit2: I restarted ST2 and nothing, restarted again and again. Now it's working. I don't have any idea what happend.

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I had the same issue and solved it by closing Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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I had Photoshop CS2 open and closing it re-enabled the ESC button. –  Fillip Peyton Jan 23 at 18:55

sorry for my english. I try to explain. I had this problem too. I fix it. Just override "escape" default key bindings in user keymap file to another key, for example "f1", save file, remove your changes, and save file again.

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