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I'm working right now with Prism in a WPF Application. But now I feel the necessity to use a DialogService, and I would like to use a MVVM Framework where support this feature.

I wouldn't like to implement my own DialogService. Thanks in advance.

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If by DialogService you mean a way to open windows from ViewModel without poluting it with code from View layer, there is Caliburn Micro project. It delivers IWindowManager with standard implementation in form of WindowManager class. It has ShowWindow, ShowDialog and ShowPopup methods witch takes a ViewModel as an argument nad automatically creates and binds View to it.

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Thank you for your reply. Is it so much difficult if I mix the two framework to use just this feature (in calliburn case) –  Darf Zon Dec 4 '12 at 22:25

you can do it easy by your self. look at this.

var result = this.uiDialogService.ShowDialog("Dialogwindow title goes here", dialogwindowVM);
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