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All, We use git for source control.

I have project use an open source RED5 project, I downloaded the source from the red5 chunk.

svn checkout from red5-read-only

We made local changes to the source. Now there is a new major RED5 release, 200+ files has been updated. How do I make a copy of our current RED5 code and preserve the git history? so that I can do automatially merge of the RED5 code and only manually merge the conflict one.


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Can you explain your problem little bit more? Hard to spot the exact problem you have. – the.malkolm Dec 4 '12 at 21:23

I would download all the source into another directory and create a diff/patch in that directory of all these 200+ file changes with something like svn diff -r<LAST_CHECKOUT>:<NEW_CHECKOUT>.

Then in your git repository I would apply that diff and handle all conflicts. Then just commit it as usual.

If you need it you could probably create a script that creates one diff for each commit in the svn repository.

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