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I wrote a little Django app, using a websockets library (gevent-socketio) and building a virtual environment with buildout. Currently, for serving I have a custom command, that constructs the SocketIOServer class, just like here [1]. Doing it with gunicorn as it says in the docs isn't a difficult task.

So, I would like to use gunicorn as server, my question is about including gunicorn in the buildout.cfg, in order when gunicorn starts, it starts with all the modules existing in the virtualenv (PYTHONPATH).

Is there a recipe for gunicorn that can create a binary under ./bin/? I haven't found much information about buildout+gunicorn.

My buildout.cfg:

parts = django
newest = false
versions = versions
eggs = django 

extensions = mr.developer
auto-checkout = *
sources-dir = external

gevent = git git://
gevent-websocket = hg
gevent-socketio = git git://
redis = git

django = 1.4

recipe = djangorecipe
settings = development
eggs = ${buildout:eggs}
extra-paths = 
project = cacho_site



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I see a blog post that sets up gunicorn in buildout, does that help? – Martijn Pieters Dec 5 '12 at 11:48
Yes, thank you! – jam Dec 5 '12 at 23:50

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