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What's the best way to get user information from a django template?

For example, if I just want to, for example:

  1. If the user is logged in, display "Welcome [username]"
  2. Otherwise, display the login button.

I'm using django-registration/authentication

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{% if request.user.is_authenticated %}Welcome '{{ request.user.username }}'
{% else %}<a href="{% url django.contrib.auth.login %}">Login</a>{% endif %}

and make sure you have the request template context processor installed in your settings.py:

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An alternate method for current Django versions:

{% if user.is_authenticated %}
    <p>Welcome, {{ user.username }}. Thanks for logging in.</p>
{% else %}
    <p>Welcome, new user. Please log in.</p>
{% endif %}


  • This template context variable is available if a RequestContext is used.
  • django.contrib.auth.context_processors.auth is enabled by default & contains the variable user
  • You do NOT need to enable django.core.context_processors.request template context processor.

Source : https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/auth/default/#authentication-data-in-templates

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