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I'm currently thinking of developing chess code with multi-player facility connected and played via bluetooth. For that I need to chalk out the phases, i mean systematic modules, that I should follow to develop the game. If anyone can state it or have any link that can help it out, it would be great.

Another thing I am developing this in J2ME, so can anyone give me an idea about the way to connect the game in two mobile devices through bluetooth in J2ME. I mean to say the class or file that is used to connect the gaming devices.

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For the second part of your question: you need to make an SPP (serial) connection between the two devices, with one acting as a client and the other as a server; see this tutorial for more information.

Then you need to create your own protocol to allow the two devices to communicate everything they need to.

This will only work on handsets with JSR 82.

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well thanks for that...that's surely gonna help.. –  Shreyas Sep 3 '09 at 14:27

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