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I have a database project in Visual Studio 2012. I am trying to create an MSBuild project to publish the database on the build server. In my solution, I have a Publish Profile that I would like to use on the build server.

I have the following target setup:

<Target Name="BuildDatabases">       
        <MSBuild Projects="$(DBProjectPath)" Targets="Build;Deploy" Properties="DeployOnBuild=true;SqlPublishProfilePath=BuildServer.publish">

I've tried a combination of PublishProfile and SqlPublishProfilePath to no avail. I always receive:

Deploy Error: The connection string is not valid

I can use the Publish Profile inside VS with no connection issues.

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Figured it out:

<Target Name="BuildDatabases">
    <MSBuild Projects="$(DBProjectPath)" Targets="Build;Publish" Properties="DeployOnBuild=true;SqlPublishProfilePath=BuildServer.publish.xml">

I had to use "Build;Publish" for target, I was using "Build;Deploy"

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