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I can select a tr.

I can select a tr's children.

How do I select a tr and its' children?

For example, I want to change the background-color of an entire row and its' children when either the row or any of its' children are hovered.

I can do either. I can't do both.

Many thanks in advance!


I should've added that I want to include all children such as inputs.

Definitely should've been clearer. :/

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tr:hover, td:hover, tr:hover td {

for other children either do

tr:hover, td:hover, tr:hover * {

witch will work for all children (you might get unwanted results with this thought...)

or, be more specific, and list all children in witch you actually want the effect to ocur


tr:hover, td:hover, tr:hover td, , tr:hover input[text], tr:hover .myHoverClass {
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When you hover over a child of a tr you effectively hover over the tr as well, so all you need to target is the highest element (the tr)

tr:hover td{
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