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In what cases should I start Service and in what case bind Service? For example - an android client for Music Service? Are the any differences in the priority for the System;are the any common rules; anything else?

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Use startService() for services which will run independently after you start them. Music players are a good example. These run until they call stopSelf() or someone calls stopService().

You can communicate with a running service by sending Intents back and forth, but for the most part, you just start the service and let it run on its own.

Use bind() when the service and client will be communicating back and forth over a persistent connection. A good example is a navigation service which will be transmitting location updates back to the client. Binders are a lot harder to write than intents, but they're really the way to go for this usage case.

I generally don't fool around with priorities. I don't think priority is affected by the way you start the service. If the service needs a higher priority (e.g. a music player which really should not be interrupted), they can call startForeground().

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