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I have a sheet where each row begins with a string identifier, followed by a series of values for each week since the sheet was created:

XXX    15    20    25
YYY    11    15    19
ZZZ    18    22    22

On another sheet I would like to have some of the string identifiers from the first page (not all), and only the latest value for that item:

XXX    25
ZZZ    22

I actually want multiple sheets of the second kind, with each string id possible appearing on more than one sheet.

I can't use VBA as this has to be viewed (and values added and altered) on my Windows Phone 7 (I do not believe the mobile version of excel supports VBA, but correct me if I'm wrong). Is there a formula that's able to do this?

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The value of the last non-blank cell in ROW range

  1. on your master sheet you should designate a hidden column like ZZ to contain the formula: =LOOKUP(2,1/(A1:ZY1<>""),A1:ZY1) this will put in column ZZ all the LAST values of that specific row
  2. on all of the other sheets that depend on your master, you can use a vlookup to retrieve the information in ZZ from the master sheet
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Thanks for the quick response. Formula works a treat. –  Swiftslide Dec 4 '12 at 23:27
If you just want the last number in A1:ZY1 it's sufficient to use =LOOKUP(10^100,A1:ZY1) –  barry houdini Dec 4 '12 at 23:27

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