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How can I make something like this below work?



foreach ($_SESSION['signup_errors'] as $key => &$value) {
    echo $value;

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

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Ahh I got it, I didn't have the values set in this example.

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You're pretty close, but your setup lines don't actually assign any values.

$_SESSION['signup_errors']['test1'] = 'value1';
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It means you haven't assigned $_SESSION['signup_errors'] a value, meaning there were no errors I guess. You should put the following line above the error-checking code:

$_SESSION['signup_errors'] = array();
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Since you are not actually assigning any values to the elements in the session array in that section of code, $_SESSION is not returned as an array, therefore the foreach is receiving an empty variable and throwing an error.

If you are seeing the error message " Invalid argument supplied for foreach() " and you know the session does contain values that you've set, make sure the session is started, using the php command session_start();

then you will be able to loop through the session array and see the key & their values

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