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I have a servlet that acts as a proxy. it takes external resources and serves a client (browser) that shows the inside of an iframe.

how can I overcome the problem of Access-Control-Allow-Origin?

In fact, it happens that some external resource open other connections to the original server, but these are denied due to this problem.

The resources are loaded from another server that I cannot control, but I can make changes on the resource once it has been stored in my servlet.

I tried inserting:

<script> document.domain=" +ORIGINAL_DOMAIN+ "</ script>

but I get a

Uncaught Error: SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18
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If you are using this on a local file over the file:// URI scheme, it cannot have cookies set. Put it on a local server so you can use http://localhost. You can also launch chrome with the --allow-file-access-from-file command switch, that get rid of this protection security

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i'm using this on an local istance of Tomcat7, and the "external server" resources are real web pages. –  jenjis Dec 5 '12 at 14:58

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