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Tryin' to get started with testing in angularjs (based on this) but can't seem to get the mocks working correctly. Here's my jasmine file:

describe 'FlightsController', ->
  beforeEach module 'surf-air'

  beforeEach inject ($rootScope, $controller) ->
    scope = $rootScope.$new()
    FlightsController = $controller('FlightsController', {scope: scope})

  it 'should work', -> expect(true).toBe(true)

And here's what Testacular spits back:

Chrome 23.0 FlightsController should work FAILED
    Error: Unknown provider: $scopeProvider <- $scope
        at Error (<anonymous>)
        at /Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:28:395
        at Object.c [as get] (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:26:180)
        at /Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:28:476
        at c (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:26:180)
        at d (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:26:314)
        at Object.instantiate (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:27:455)
        at /Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:50:239
        at null.<anonymous> (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/test/unit/controllers.js:9:34)
        at Object.d [as invoke] (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/src/js/angular.min.js:27:325)
    Error: Declaration Location
        at window.jasmine.window.inject.angular.mock.inject (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/test/lib/js/angular-mocks.js:1717:25)
        at null.<anonymous> (/Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/test/unit/controllers.js:6:16)
        at /Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/test/unit/controllers.js:4:3
        at /Users/chriskun/forge-workspace/surf-air-pilot-mobile/test/unit/controllers.js:18:4
Chrome 23.0: Executed 1 of 1 (1 FAILED) (0.221 secs / 0.04 secs)

which is caused by:

$controller('FlightsController', {scope: scope})

Any ideas?

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Change this line

FlightsController = $controller('FlightsController', {scope: scope})

to the following

FlightsController = $controller('FlightsController', {$scope: scope})

I have updated the example jsfiddle to CoffeeScript:

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I've updated the OP with the separated beforeEach functions.. same error though. – Chris Bolton Dec 5 '12 at 0:13
pass a function call to module('surf-air') to beforeEach, not an anonymous function that calls module. – jaime Dec 5 '12 at 0:29
yeah tried that didn't change anything. updated the OP again. – Chris Bolton Dec 5 '12 at 0:46
apparently both ways work fine. The problem with your code seems to be that you are assigning the scope to the controller scope property, when it should be $scope – jaime Dec 5 '12 at 0:50
oh wow yeah I missed that hahah. thanks xD – Chris Bolton Dec 5 '12 at 0:52

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