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One issue I am working with is how to structure a RoR project that is also structured to create dojo AMD modules. RoR has strong file structure "requirements" and all the tutorials/documentation for dojo have their own "requirements" and the two don't seem to mesh.

Has anyone built a project to accomplish this and just how did you manage the directory structures. A clear point of concern is how the dojo modules and widgets live in the asset pipeline during development. I don't want to develop the dojo modules in one project then move to a different project to use those modules. Much more efficient to be able to develop the RoR project and the dojo together.

I am currently using the dojo-rails gem but I am not committed to it by any means.

Thank you

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Working with Dojo is pleasure . In my project , I've copied Dojo's components in vendor/assets/javascripts (I have folders dojo , dojox and dijit ) . In my appilcation.html.haml :

              = stylesheet_link_tag "application"
          = csrf_meta_tags
          / More ideas for your <head> here:
            All JavaScript at the bottom, except this Modernizr build incl. Respond.js
            Respond is a polyfill for min/max-width media queries. Modernizr enables HTML5 elements & feature detects;
            for optimal performance, create your own custom Modernizr build:
          = javascript_include_tag "modernizr"
          = javascript_include_tag "dojo/dojo", :'data-dojo-config' => %Q(baseUrl: '/assets/dojo/', modulePaths: {modules: '/assets/modules', widgets: '/assets/widgets', parseOnLoad: true})

It works fine and it's fantastic .

EDIT : It was interesting for me to research how to use Dojo with assets pipeline . I've found an interesting post about including the source of Dojo in the right place - app/assets/javascript .

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I understand that you are basically bypassing the asset pipeline which I get. My real concern is in dojo development beyond using the base dojo classes. In the tutorials ( for developing modules they recommend a structure of: / index.html js/ lib/ dojo/ dijit/ dojox/ my/ util/ So how to fit this into the RoR directory structure and have both environments play nice. –  Matthew Doering Dec 5 '12 at 1:29
You are absolutely right , I'm using base Dojo classes . I'd love to see the right solution . –  R Milushev Dec 5 '12 at 1:43

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