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This piece of code has been tripping me out for the past four hours. It is deleting a row of photos by the primary ID.

I have var_dump($selectedPhoto) and it is the correct ID, a number. My code will run every time I press delete photo, get to the mysqli_stmt_store_result part and shoots out the $txtMessage, But the database does not update.

This is really weird because I have used the exact same code, with different variables on another page and it works perfectly fine.

Can you see any errors by looking at this? OR have a better way to writing the delete statement.

if (isset($_POST['btnDeletePhoto']))
    $selectedPhoto = $_SESSION['selectedPhoto'];
    $deleteString = "DELETE FROM Photos WHERE PhotoID = ?";
    $preparedDeleteStmt = mysqli_prepare($link, $deleteString);
    mysqli_stmt_bind_param($preparedDeleteStmt, 'i', $selectedPhoto);
    if (!mysqli_stmt_execute($preparedDeleteStmt))
        die("The system is not available, try again later");
        $txtMessage = "Delete successfull";

To add: $selectedPhoto is a value of a select, drop down list value.

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If the photo comes from the value of a select, it is not going to be stored in a session variable, so you probably need to change:

$selectedPhoto = $_SESSION['selectedPhoto'];


$selectedPhoto = $_POST['selectedPhoto'];

Apart from that you need to add error handling to all database operations.

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Yes, because of it not being able to work, I have gone through the trouble of saving the $_POST to a session – GivenPie Dec 5 '12 at 1:07

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