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I want to split a String into a String array along non-alphabetic characters. For example:

"Here is an ex@mple" => "Here", "is", "an" "ex", "mple"

I tried using the String.split(String regex) method with the regular expression "(?![\\p{Alpha}])". However this splits the string into

"Here", "_is", "_an", "_ex", "@ample"

(those underscores are to emphasize there is a space). I guess this is because the ?! regex operator is "zero-width" and is actually splitting on and removing a zero-width character preceding the non-alphabetic characters in the input string.

How can I accomplish removal of the actual non-alpha characters while I split the string? Is there a NON-zero-width negation operator?

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Does \W+ work ? –  Thilo Dec 5 '12 at 0:48
@Thilo That won't work with underscores –  arshajii Dec 5 '12 at 0:59

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You could try \P{Alpha}+:

"Here is an ex@mple".split("\\P{Alpha}+")
["Here", "is", "an", "ex", "mple"]

\P{Alpha} matches any non-alphabetic character (as opposed to \p{Alpha}, which matches any alphabetic character). + indicates that we should split on any continuous string of such characters. For example:

["a", "b"]
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That worked perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion and explanation! –  dmoench Dec 5 '12 at 2:30


"Here is an ex@mple".split("\\S\\w+")


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In addition to the other answers, you could iterate over the characters in the string, test if their ASCII values are in the range of lower and upper case letters, and perform your desired 'split' behavior if not.

char[] chars = str.toCharArray(); might be useful.

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