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For weird reasons related to Elastic beanstalk/nginx/passenge it will be easier for us to use redirections at the rails level so it is build into the app, since we can't change nginx configuration files.. so I have no problem with path redirections to external sites.. like: match "/meow" => redirect("http://meow.com/")

the issue is with the subdomains... on nginx it I can redirect those as well.. so I need to redirect for example

http://my.house.com => http://house.com

but at the rails level.. anyone knows of any gem or plugin that will allow this? or any good rails hacker know any trick to do this on the routes.rb?

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According to @cfernandezlinux's amazing answer, here's the same in Rails 4/Ruby 2 syntax:

constraints subdomain: "meow" do   
  get "/" => redirect { |params| "http://www.externalurl.com" }
  • match in routes.rb is not allowed in Rails 4.0 anymore. You have to use explicitly get, post, etc.
  • hashrocket syntax (=>) is for old Ruby, now in Ruby 2.0 we use param: 'value' syntax
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Thanks I actually found solution like prob like the videos above, I ended up doing something like this:

constraints :subdomain => "meow" do   
  match "/" => redirect { |params| "http://www.externalurl.com" }
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I hope this railscast can help:



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Thanks, I actually found a forum post with the same info. I ended up doing this: –  cfernandezlinux Dec 5 '12 at 4:36

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