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I need to checkout two paths in two directories. Here is what I've tried before:

svn co https://localhost:8443/svn/Code "d:\src" https://localhost:8443/svn/lines "d:\src\bin"

and similar commands, but only first path is checked out to the second directory with an error svn: E125002: >D:/src< scheint keine URL zu sein which means >D:/src< doesn't look like URL.

I've red the syntax here but could not get it working. Please provide me with working example.

Thank You!

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  • As @namxee wrote (and svn help co remind) you can't use more than two parameters (SRC and TGT) in checkoutThird command from VisualSVN Manual page will help (using three paramaters for multi-SRC checkout into common base) with correct syntax

svn co https://localhost:8443/svn/Code https://localhost:8443/svn/lines d:\src

which will give Code and lines subdirs as two independent Working Copies inside d:\src`

  • Second problem is worse: even if with two separate commands you checkout two sibling sources (/svn/Code and /svn/lines) into parent|child Working Copies (d:\src + d:\src\bin), guaranteed to get Problems, when you'll try to commit (or successfully commit, I'm too lazy to predicts, where exactly your racks are) changes to Repo. Maybe you can describe your bisiness task for such exotic WC-placement
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yes, second problem was really a problem :) I changed programm design and everything is fine now –  VladL Dec 6 '12 at 13:57

it seems to be impossible to chechout each directories.. by svn checkout command.

you have to command with only one line i recommed '&'

svn co https://localhost:8443/svn/Code "d:\src" & svn co https://localhost:8443/svn/lines "d:\src\bin"

it works well in linux OS

i hope it helps.

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it works in windows as well. This is not a solution in my case, but really good to know. Thank you –  VladL Dec 6 '12 at 14:00

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