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Need SQL Query to find Parent records without child records

I have a table one and two,

select name from one

let say i have 3 rows a, b, c

select name from table two;

and let say I have 3 rows in table two which are contains a, d , f

I want to select * from table one where name are not in table two so i should end up with b,c and not a because a is in the table two

Please advice thanks

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PLease write your sql statement clearly. –  Smit Dec 5 '12 at 1:45

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Use a NOT EXISTS clause

SELECT name from one
    SELECT 1 FROM two
    WHERE two.name = one.name


Alternatively, you can use a LEFT JOIN with a NULL qualifier

SELECT one.name FROM one
LEFT JOIN two on one.name = two.name
WHERE two.name IS NULL
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You can make a subquery to get the names from table two and use them to exlude rows from table one

SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE name NOT IN (SELECT name FROM table2)

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