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I've been working through the Pragmatic Programmers 'Programming Ruby' book and was wondering if it was possible to call a setter method within a class rather than just assigning to the instance variable directly.

class BookInStock

  attr_reader :isbn, :price

  def initialize (isbn, price)
    @isbn = isbn
    @price = Float(price)

  def price_in_cents
    Integer(price*100 + 0.5)

  def price_in_cents=(cents)
    @price = cents/100.0

  def price=(dollars)
    price = dollars if dollars > 0


In this case I am using a setter to ensure that the price can't be negative. What i want to know is if it is possible to call the price setter from within the price_in_cents setter so that I wont have to write extra code to ensure that the price will be positive.

Thanks in advance

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Of course you can. Just try it. In Ruby, amazingly, you can even define methods inside other methods :-) –  Boris Stitnicky Dec 5 '12 at 2:16

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Use self.setter, ie:

def price_in_cents=(cents)
    self.price = cents/100.0
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