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Text length limited, shows the whole contents after clicking. But if someone could check the code, the first P tag opens fine, but from the 2nd one, it doesn't open completely.

function excerpt(text, len) {
    return text.substring(0, len)+"…";

var $div = $('.container');
$div.each(function() {
  var $p=$(this).find("p:first");
   var theExcerpt = excerpt($p.text(), 230);
    $'html', $p.html()).html( theExcerpt);

$('span').click(function() {
    var isHidden = $(this).text() == 'Show';
   var $p = $(this).parent().find("p:first");
    var theExcerpt = excerpt($p.text(), 230);
    $p.html( isHidden ? $'html') : theExcerpt);


Online sample here.

If I have return text.substring(0, len)+"&hellip;" + <span>show</span>;

Many thanks.

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You can fix this just by altering the HTML: the <span>Show</span>s need to be inside the 'container' divs.

(The jquery code finds the first paragraph within the same parent element as the <span>Show</span> and expands it. Since none of the <span>Show</span>s were inside container elements, it simply found the first paragraph on the page and expanded that.)

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thank you for the answer and explanation , if I have this span in JS like return text.substring(0, len) + "&hellip;" + '<span>Show</span>'; Is there a possible way to get it to work? – olo Dec 5 '12 at 2:36
Yes you just need to change $(this).parent().find("p:first") to $(this).parent(), since the paragraph is now the span's parent element. – Stuart Dec 5 '12 at 2:47
many thanks Stuart – olo Dec 5 '12 at 2:49

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