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Hi when I open up the application (code is at bottom of question), straight away I get an error stating:

SyntaxError:missing ; before statement

The above error shows this line in the view page source:

var moduleinfo = 
Notice: Undefined variable: moduleInfo in ... on line 267

How can the above error be fixed?

Also in the code below when the user selects a course from the course drop down menu and submits the course, it displays a modules drop down menu but it also gives me another error stating:

ReferenceError: validation is not defined

The above error shows that this error is in line 1 in the page source which is just a blank line.

My question is that how can both these errors be fixed in the code below:(The order of the code below is the exact order in the application with the php coming first then the javascript, I have also commented on where line 267 is (javascript) for first error and commented where javascript function validation is)



// connect to the database

/* check connection */
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
    printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error());

$sql = "SELECT CourseId, CourseNo, CourseName FROM Course ORDER BY CourseNo";

$sqlstmt = $mysqli->prepare($sql);


$sqlstmt->bind_result($dbCourseId, $dbCourseNo, $dbCourseName);

$courses = array(); // easier if you don't use generic names for data 

$courseHTML = "";
$courseHTML .= '<select name="courses" id="coursesDrop">' . PHP_EOL;
$courseHTML .= '<option value="">Please Select</option>' . PHP_EOL;

$outputcourse = "";
$hiddencourse = "";

while ($sqlstmt->fetch()) {
    $course     = $dbCourseId;
    $courseno   = $dbCourseNo;
    $coursename = $dbCourseName;
    $courseHTML .= "<option value='" . $course . "'>" . $courseno . " - " . $coursename . "</option>" . PHP_EOL;

    if (isset($_POST['courses']) && ($_POST['courses'] == $course)) {
        $outputcourse .= "<p><strong>Course:</strong> " . $courseno . " - " . $coursename . "</p>";
        $hiddencourse .= "<p><input type='hidden' id='hiddencourse' value='" . $courseno . " - " . $coursename . "'></p>";


$courseHTML .= '</select>';


<form action="<?php
echo htmlentities($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);
?>" method="post" onsubmit="return validation();">
<th>Course: <?php
echo $courseHTML;
<p><input id="courseSubmit" type="submit" value="Submit Course" name="courseSubmit" /></p>
<div id="courseAlert"></div>
<div id="targetdiv"></div>


if (isset($_POST['courseSubmit'])) {
    //get the form data 
    $coursesdrop = (isset($_POST['courses'])) ? $_POST['courses'] : '';

    $modulequery = "
m.ModuleId, m.ModuleNo, m.ModuleName, m.Credits
Module m
m.ModuleId NOT IN (
SELECT cm.ModuleId
FROM Course_Module cm
WHERE cm.CourseId = ?
ORDER BY m.ModuleNo

    $moduleqrystmt = $mysqli->prepare($modulequery);
    // You only need to call bind_param once
    $moduleqrystmt->bind_param("i", $coursesdrop);
    // get result and assign variables (prefix with db)


    $moduleqrystmt->bind_result($dbModuleId, $dbModuleNo, $dbModuleName, $dbCredits);


    $modulenum = $moduleqrystmt->num_rows();

    $moduleHTML = '<select name="module" id="modulesDrop">' . PHP_EOL;
    $moduleHTML .= '<option value="">Please Select</option>' . PHP_EOL;

    $moduleInfo = array();

    while ($moduleqrystmt->fetch()) {
        $moduleHTML .= sprintf("<option value='%s'>%s - %s</option>", $dbModuleId, $dbModuleNo, $dbModuleName) . PHP_EOL;

        $moduleData               = array();
        $moduleData["ModuleId"]   = $dbModuleId;
        $moduleData["ModuleNo"]   = $dbModuleNo;
        $moduleData["ModuleName"] = $dbModuleName;
        $moduleData["Credits"]    = $dbCredits;

        array_push($moduleInfo, $moduleData);


    $moduleHTML .= '</select>';

    $moduleexist = "
<div id='rt-container'>
<form id='moduleExistForm'>
<p><strong>Current Modules</strong></p>

    echo $moduleexist;




<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {

        var moduleinfo = <?php echo json_encode($moduleInfo); ?> ; //line 267

        $('#modulesDrop').change(function () {

            var moduleId = $(this).val(),

            for (var i = 0, l = moduleinfo.length; i < l; i++) {
                if (moduleinfo[i].ModuleId == moduleId) {
                    moduledata = moduleinfo[i];

            var currentindex = $('#credits').val(moduledata.Credits);



//below is the validation() function

    function validation() {

        var isDataValid = true;

        var courseTextO = document.getElementById("coursesDrop");

        var errCourseMsgO = document.getElementById("courseAlert");

        if (courseTextO.value == "") {
            errCourseMsgO.innerHTML = "Please Select a Course";
            isDataValid = false;
        } else {
            errCourseMsgO.innerHTML = "";

        return isDataValid;

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Which one is line 267? – Teodor Talov Dec 5 '12 at 3:19
@TeodorTalov Sorry forgot to comment I have now commented it – user1819709 Dec 5 '12 at 3:29
What do you get at the browser? That is where the error is, so no point in showing only the server code. – RobG Dec 5 '12 at 3:52
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Remove the space in your php line:

var moduleinfo = <? php echo json_encode($moduleInfo); ?> ;


var moduleinfo = <?php echo json_encode($moduleInfo); ?> ;

<? php should be together like <?php

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Hi, I removed the space but still showing error – user1819709 Dec 5 '12 at 3:32
Is it because I put it in document function? As it does not appear until course has been submitted? Or could it be order of code?.... I tried removing document function but still get error – user1819709 Dec 5 '12 at 3:34
If the same error persists then it would suggest <?php echo json_encode($moduleInfo); ?> holds no information. Have you echo'd $moduleInfo to see if it has any thing assigned to it on the JS file? – Dave Dec 5 '12 at 3:37
I did a var_dump() and it outputted this array(0) { } . But I get the same for when I use a similar method in another application and I get no error for that one. Difference with that one though is that the user doesn't have to submit something to see other info on the page, in the other app the user simply selects off the drop down menu and then all the details are viewed. In this app, the user selects a course then submits the page, then the module drop down menu appears after the submit and this is when the var_dump() of the array is shown. – user1819709 Dec 5 '12 at 3:44
Ah yeah, If I move $moduleInfo = array(); above the if (isset($_POST['courseSubmit'])) { code then it removes the error. I upvoted your answer but now problem 2 needs to be tackled on the Reference error – user1819709 Dec 5 '12 at 3:48

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