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from VS2012 I created a Database project and created ad custom type

CREATE TYPE dbo.TypeProductCategoryTable AS TABLE
    ( ProductID int, CategoryID int )

Now when I write stored procedure with using this type, i get compile error

sql71501 sql parameter has unresolved reference to build-in type


CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_ProductCategory_Mapping]
    @tvProdCat dbo.ProductCategoryTableType READONLY
insert into tProductCategories(ProductId,CategoryId)
    SELECT @tvProdCat

How to handle this? Can we create custom type on Visual studio Database project

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The name is different. TypeProductCategoryTable vs. ProductCategoryTableType –  Keith Dec 7 '12 at 4:00
I am getting same error with my database project. The problem started when I added a custom type in my Database project in VS2012 and used it in a stored procedure. Everything works fine as far as data operations are concerned, its just annoying coz' it wont let me build the database project? Any pointers or help will be much appreciated. –  user869375 Feb 23 at 16:26

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