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What is the feasible data IO throughput of android Handlers? Enough to pass raw audio or video between threads? Should it be sustainable?

I've not seen any reference to this in the android Handler docs, $WEB_SEARCH, or SO per this.

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Enough to pass raw audio or video between threads? Should it be sustainable?

It depends on your implementation. Eventually, you either want shared-memory based or deep copy based communication. If you want to send a copy of data (or a continuous stream of data chunk copies), it will have a performance overhead, but not due to Handlers, but because of the actual memory copying.

This is because Handlers merely send & handle Message objects. You can use the obj field of the Message to pass any object reference, i.e. you can use it to send a (synchronized) reference to any data. If you send the original reference to some data, it will be like shared memory communication. If you make a copy of the data first, and send the reference to that copy, it's basically deep copying. In either case, you're working on the same process memory area, so the sustainibility depends on the communication protocol and not on Handlers. (Obviously, if you send a Message for each int value of the audio/video data, it will be very slow.)

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